About us

About DANMAG - Who are we?

The love of painting and of all painting work brought Daniel to the idea of starting a small business, which is why he made the decision to take his entrepreneurial dreams seriously and start his own business in the painting 10 years ago. Daniel, 36, is a painter and in addition to his work he loves his two lovely children and his wife who support him in his dream.

DANMAG Painting Company is a small but modern company that remembers its customer names and works as a very strong painting team. Our team consists of 4 up to 7 painters depending on needs. We have in-depth knowledge of each other’s skills and actions. That is why we can always optimize our work processes for the benefit of the customer.

The story starts more than 10 years ago….

In the beginning was the joy of painting work. I wanted to improve and get better and better every day, and from this joy I got an idea of ​​the company and the shift this works on a larger level. I started a company that grew up and I called it Danmag.

For my enjoyment of painting, I found other creative and hardworking people and our team came true. Since 10 years I have been working on creating this business, I have known that I can fully trust my employees and that we have the same goal of moving / fulfilling the customer’s dreams of living.

Let me calculate price


In 2009, we then formed DANMAG painter service based on our education as painters.

With 4 new company cars, membership of Danske Painters and a valuable experience from many years of painting work, we have experienced a huge customer satisfaction – based on our approach to the task we are entrusted with. Customers’ high satisfaction with the delivery and quality of the craft resulted in a large number of new customers.

But with more and more customers, a problem arose. In order for the founder to fulfill all orders on time, we were forced to think of another way to have the opportunity to order painting work because it was not so easy to take the cellphone 50 times a day and answer the same question:

“What does it cost to get painted housing?”

Then you get tired of not being able to concentrate fully on what you want to do, namely to paint and give the best result to the customers. After a while there came a fantastic idea of ​​having the opportunity to order painting work online. Why not? You shop online almost everything you can imagine. Christmas gifts, holiday trips, clothes, jewelry, building materials, wood pellets, massages, etc. So we thought, why not painting? But how?

Designing a user-friendly ordering system has been a long and arduous process because in order to order painting work online, there must be many things to consider and think about, and also why it has taken a long time to expand an ordering system, where instead to spend our time writing emails back and forth makes it simple and straightforward to order all painting work through our website. But succeed!