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6 reasons to book us for your renovation project

We paint big and small – but the result is always good.

1. Member of the Danish Master Painters

Danske Malermestre is an organization that secures painters in Denmark
an organizational and political influence on industry conditions.

2. 11+ years of experience

Since 2009, we have been helping clients across the country paint their homes
and give it a nice aesthetic boost.

3.Fixed rates & No hidden fees

We offer fixed prices and you will always receive a written offer where everyone
prices are transparent

4. Discount when ordering online

You are at the center, and the good cooperation is the alpha and omega for us. Therefore offers
we guarantee satisfaction on our painting work.

5. It only takes 10 minutes to order a painter

Whatever you are sitting on the couch, at work or on the train, you can quite
get click order a painter with us.

6. Flexibility and efficiency

We always send out a minimum of two painters, so you can solve the painting task in yours
housing as soon as possible.

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Get your home renovated in 4 steps:


1. Step No. 1

Online quotation
Calculate your own price via our price calculator.

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2. Step No. 2

Order online through our shop
After calculating price, you can order our services.


3. Trin nr 3

Performing the task
After ordering, you will receive a confirmation by email and text message.




4. Step No. 4

Closing & Billing
You get an invoice after work is done.

Are you looking for a professional and accommodating painter?

Do you need assistance in connection with painting of, for example, your apartment, your house or perhaps just a single facade of the cottage, and in this connection you are missing a painting company? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. At DANMAG, we have many years of experience with all kinds of indoor painting tasks, which gives us a wide range of experience and a great deal of expertise, which of course helps to ensure you the absolute best result – no matter what the task sounds like.

We offer all kinds of indoor painting assignments
As mentioned above, we perform all kinds of indoor painting tasks. So whatever you need a complete review of the entire home or you just need to have felt set up on the walls in the children’s room. Then DANMAG painting company is ready with our expertise in these areas. The company has been in existence for more than 11 years. And during this time, a large number of interesting tasks have been performed throughout Aarhus and the rest of the country. Which has resulted in a reputation in this area that sounds to be extremely careful. And always perform a craft of the absolute highest quality, which is why you can be sure of a result that you can be happy with.

DANMAG painting company is owned and run by Daniel Gladus. He is a professionally trained painter and at the same time has many years of experience in this industry. The company is also a member of Danske Malermestre and Aarhus Malerlaug, which helps to strengthen the safety and seriousness of DANMAG, which is why you can safely choose us as your future painting company. Whatever you need to have your living room, your kitchen, the children’s rooms, your bedroom, staircase, apartment or maybe even the whole house painted. Then there is only one real painting company in Aarhus to take on this task. And of course it is DANMAG painting company. Make non-binding and free contact immediately and obtain a competitive offer.

Nominated painting company and winner of the painting company of the year

Are you looking for a professional painting company that specializes in interior painting of apartments, houses and rooms? At Danmag, we want to be your preferred painting company, whatever you face a larger or smaller painting task in your home. That is why we offer high-quality painting work to private individuals and businesses throughout the country at competitive prices, which everyone can take part in. There is no painting task in your apartment or house that is too big or small, and we help with everything from painting walls, ceilings and wooden floors to painting stucco, moldings and rosettes.

Our painting company in Aarhus and Copenhagen simply specializes in indoor painting tasks of all kinds, and over the years we have renewed a large number of homes with new, fresh colors that really give a nice aesthetic boost.
When you choose us as a painting company in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus
We see ourselves as the local choice, no matter where in the country you are. Although our painting company has a permanent address in Aarhus and Copenhagen, this is not a limitation for us. On the contrary. At Danmag, we believe that good service is an important part of any piece of work, and therefore we happily drive out and perform painting work, whatever you live in West Jutland, South Jutland, North Jutland or on Funen.

Painter with professional and quality-conscious craftsmen.
We always perform painting work of the highest quality, but our honest and accommodating service is at least as important to us. Are you interested in a non-binding painting offer for your painting assignment? In that case, do not hesitate to contact us. You can both call us on tel. 50 311 311 or write an email to us at support@danmag.com or via our chat in the bottom right corner. When you choose Danmag, you are guaranteed a professional and experienced painting company from start to finish.

Order painting work in your home in the other way

Are you exploring the terrain for a professional painting company to paint your home? There is no doubt that it is a big task to have to paint a house or your apartment – whatever it is indoor or outdoor painting tasks, it is enormously time consuming to have to paint an entire house on your own. And then it is really a shame if you eventually find out that the finished result is not really something that you can be satisfied with.

It is far better to see in the eyes from the start that this is a job for a professionally trained painter who has extensive experience in the industry. And that can deliver a professional result that you will be happy with and appreciate. DANMAG is just such a painter. He has more than 11 years of experience with painting houses of different sizes, which is why you can be absolutely sure of achieving a satisfactory result with DANMAG.

Quality paint for your home throughout the country.

With us you get paint of houses in good quality at fixed, low painter prices. We drive all over the country. So you can easily order if you need a painter in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and even the small towns in the country. We are not afraid of a little drive. But of course it costs a little. We offer more than blog paint of your house at great prices. You can also order professional felt set-up if you want felt on your wall from a cheap painter who knows how to deliver a great result every time. You can color your paint yourself, as you can specify the color you want from a color chart. However, not all painters use the same color card for painting, but in most cases it works.

You can order your assignment from us here on the web. And if you do it all online, you even save 20% on your bill and get 2 hours of free painting work meds, whether covering errors and omissions that were not discovered when ordering.

Most used projects:

DANMAG ApS – Professional painting company – 100% online quotation – very qualified and competent


painting of appartement

Painting of apartments

If you need to paint an apartment when moving out, we can easily help with everything. We guarantee 100% quality.

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painting af single room

Paint of individual room

If you need to paint an apartment when moving out, we can easily help with everything. We guarantee 100% quality.

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painting of hous interior

Painting of house interior

Do you need to paint a house interior when moving out so we can easily
help with it all

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renovation of appartement

Renovation of

Should you plaster, filt and paint an apartment so we can easily help with it all

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renovation of room

Renovation of individual rooms

Should you plaster, filt and paint an sigle room so we can easily help with it all

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renovation of house

Renovation of house interior

Should you plaster, filt and paint an house so we can easily help with it all

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