Painting flat at fixed price

Want to paint your apartment and create a new atmosphere? Do you long to make your apartment cozy easy in a short time? Do you want to stay in a new apartment for a week or even a weekend maybe after 1 day? Are you afraid of losing your deposit because the apartment is not painted properly? Let DANMAG stand for apartment renovation and avoid the landlord grabbing your deposit / deposit.

We manage to paint your apartment all by yourself and you can do whatever you want. All you have to do is order DANMAG painting service online using price calculator. And you can do it in 10 minutes and off your couch! Don’t know how? Read more…

One of our specializations in the painting company DANMAG is the painting of apartments

How does it work?

  • Calculate the price in the price calculator
  • In the price calculator select all specifications (sqm of apartment, number of rooms, treatments, date, etc.)
  • Get your fixed price
  • Order DANMAG and get it painted without any problems
  • Save 20% on Online Booking *

Calculate the price – 100% free