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  • Does your home need a new paint?
  • Or are you just tired of the current wall color?
  • Have you just moved into your new apartment?
  • Or do you need paint by moving?

We understand you well and would like to help you. It may be easier than you think. We are specialists in indoor paints in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Aalborg and throughout the country. We love to paint houses, apartments, rooms, and that is why we have made indoor paint for our specialty.

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11 years of experience

From 2009, we have been helping our clients paint their homes and make them feel better.

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Full satisfaction or money back guarantee

Cooperation is professional with customer's 100% satisfaction

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Professional specialists in indoor paint

Use a reliable and competent painting company that paints with a paint warranty

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Quick start of painting work

At DANMAG you can order your assignment today, and tomorrow we can get started. Typically, we are ready to begin just days after days of ordering

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We have fixed prices and that is your guarantee

Everyone has the right to fixed, low prices. That's why we always have fixed prices - no matter when you order.

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20% discount on the whole bill when ordering with cards

Order painting service for your home and - as ALWAYS you save 20% when you order and prepay online.

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Flexibility and efficiency

At DANMAG we always send out two + men, so that you as a customer get the painting job done as quickly as possible

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It takes ONLY 10 min to order a painter

Can you imagine that you can sit on your couch and order with a few clicks a painter to paint your entire home?

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No hidden fees or costs

You will receive a written offer in a PDF, where all prices can be seen.

Painter of the Year in 2017 and nominated in 2019 for this year's Painter Company

Member of Danish Painters, Fine customer references and e-mæarked certified


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DANMAG ApS is a member of Danish Painters

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